Venture #1…



Hello. Konnichiwa. Hola. Congratulations on stumbling about onto what I hope to be the start of many exciting chapters in my life. My name is Bree, and I am a “venture novice”. Or “the” venture novice in this case lol. I call myself that for the simple fact that I’ve never really gone anywhere or done anything outside of the scope of my routine, everyday life. This blog is meant to be a means of me sharing all of the new and exciting ventures that I hope to partake in as my big journey of life unfolds. So I guess this all started as a result of me taking a step back and looking at my life, past and present, and asking “what am I doing?” and “what have I done?” With social media being such a major part of society these days, it’s quite easy to divulge in the lives and adventures of others. I often find myself quite envious of all of the enjoyment that I see going on around me. All these people out in the world just living their lives- and living them the way they want. So I asked myself, “why not me?” Why sit back and just be a spectator to all of the vast opportunities and adventures that are just waiting to be taken advantage of? There always seems to be an excuse. Money, time, relationships (or lack thereof), inexperience, FEAR. But I realized that I can still have an eventful life even if my resources are limited (and the aspect of fear is all in my head). I may not be able to live the “dream life”, but I can at least try to life my #lifedream. So no more excuses. It’s time to get out there. Grab life by the horns. Time to venture off. So…to start, here is the first thing I’m venturing out into. Blogging. LOL. This blog will be the adventure to start all the others. A BIG desire of mine is to travel. A LOT. I want to see as much as possible about the world as often as I can. So I’m hoping to get a jump on that soon and have plenty to share. But I also want to experience my local world. So I’ll be looking to post about all the things I venture into, large and small in scale. And as this blog allows any viewers to learn about me, I’m guessing (hoping) that I’ll also be learning a lot about myself as well.Β I’m getting excited just thinking about it all! So here we go…

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