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Japan planning (cont’d)


This one’s just a quick update on how the planning for Japan is going. And…lodging βœ”οΈ. I have officially completed my quest for adequate lodging for the duration of the trip. I literally started losing sleep over this. I was staying up ’til the wee hours of the morning (on a work-night) stressing over finalizing the broad overview of our itinerary. I needed to figure out where we were going, the duration of our stay in each city, and try to understand the structure of the prefectures so that I could locate the best areas for us to stay based on our plans. On top of all this, I was juggling between hotel sites and Airbnb trying to make reservations. What really added the stress was when I realized how quickly things were getting booked. It seemed as though almost as soon as I’d find a place that caught my eye and saved it, I’d look at my wish list within a few hours and it’d be gone. I realized the seriousness of deciding to travel at such a popular time of the year. I had to start jumping on things and quit my second-guessing. Within a matter of three days, I had our itinerary set and the places we’ll be staying at booked. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off now that I’ve gotten this taken care of. So, our itinerary looks a little something like this:

  • Tokyo
    • Shibuya- 2 days
    • Minato- 2 days
  • Kyoto
    • Shimogoyo Ward- 1 day
    • Nakagyo Ward- 1 day
  • Osaka
    • Chūō- 2 days
  • Kanagawa
    • Hakone- day trip
  • Tokyo
    • Shinagawa- 2 days

So, now that that’s out of the way…let me go cry in a corner over the depletion of my savings fund 😭 #moneyproblems (all worth it for the #lifedream).

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